Outcome Focused Roadmapping with Dragonboat

  • Connect OKRs, customer insights, and product initiatives in one source of truth PPM platform
  • Seamlessly integrated with agile / task tools
  • Streamline quarterly planning, enable portfolio alignment and automate reporting and visibility

Align OKRs & Strategies

  • Set business and product goals
  • Align strategies

Prioritize & Plan Scenarios

  • Prioritize using RICE, MoAR method, ROI, or customized scores
  • Allocate multi-dimensionally in real time
  • Create and evaluate multiple scenarios



Allocate Resources & Manage Dependencies

  • Forecast staffing needs
  • Spot and manage dependencies
  • Auto-staff using our AI engine

Automatic Tracking & Alerts

  • 2 way dynamic sync with Jira, Github, Clubhouse, and Asana
  • Forecast schedules and alert delay risks
  • Dynamic hierarchy with auto roll up of progresses


T R U S T E D   B Y   O U T C O M E - D R I V E N   P R O D U C T
T E A M S   I N    O V E R   2 0    C O U N T R I E S

Anton Zhvakin
Product Operations, Miro

After I evaluated 25 tools, I finally found Dragonboat - the only tool that suits all our use cases and is flexible to fit our ways of working, not forcing us to follow the predefined framework.

Jackie Orlando
Director of Product Ops, Tealium

While other solutions focus just on the idea intake side, Dragonboat provides outcome based, multifaceted organization combined with the most robust, 2 way Jira Integration I’ve ever seen.

Rajesh Venkatesh
Head of Product, Nium

Our product and engineering teams in 9 countries rely on Dragonboat for quarterly planning and execution. Our new product launch sped up from 4 months to 6 weeks.