Fireside Chat with Product Operations Pros

Join this fireside chat hosted by Dragonboat CEO & Founder, Becky Flint and featuring Jackie Orlando, Director of Product Operations at Tealium, and Diana Soler, Senior Product Operations Manager at AppDirect, to discuss a day in the life of product operations.

Some of the topics include: 

  • The evolution (and career path) to product operations
  • How to build and scale product ops 
  • How to make product ops a strategic function within the product organization 
  • What KPIs to use to measure success for product ops

The fireside chat will be an open discussion between 3 experts in product ops. The speakers will cover a mix of aspirational strategic vision, tactical daily improvements, and everything in between. Audience questions will be taken throughout. 

Product Operations Fireside Chat

About the Speakers

Becky Flint

Becky Flint built and scaled product portfolio management at PayPal, Bigcommerce, Shutterfly and Feedzai. She is the founder of Dragonboat, an integrated product portfolio platform that helps product teams strategize, prioritize, deliver and improve industry leading products.

Jackie Orlando

Jackie Orlando has strategic leadership experience at Digitaria and Mirum Agency where she streamlined planning and decision-making to empower teams to achieve organizational and client goals. As Director of Product Ops at Tealium, Jackie helps the product org drive business outcomes.

Diana Soler

Diana Soler previously worked at Airbnb as a program manager before moving to AppDirect to lead product operations. Her experience in product marketing, project management, and customer communication has allowed her to create programs that scale through cross-functional collaboration.

Connie Kwan
Head of Product, OMG Network

Dragonboat brings our product and engineering teams together to align our focus for the coming months. It has become an important ritual for us.

Dragonboat + Github = 🚀

Saurabh Bajaj
VP Product, F5 Networks

Dragonboat is the only platform I've seen that really understands what's needed to run an effective product organization. We can now iteratively connect initiatives to OKRs for outcome-focused roadmapping. It's a must-have for every modern product leader.

Rajesh Venkatesh
Head of Product, Nium

Our product and engineering teams in 9 countries rely on Dragonboat for quarterly planning and execution. Our new product launch sped up from 4 months to 6 weeks.